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know in our hearts for the united states of america the best is yet to come. [ cheers ] >> but it wasn't such a good night for the republicans who can't seem to get it. poor things. they have got their blinders on. they have got their feet in cement. they are still refusing to acknowledge that the world has evolved; that their universe of while maleness deficit obsession, zero tax pledges, and their 20th century love affair with trickle down is no more. the world has changed, the american people have grown. minorities are occupying a larger and larger sector of the government. women have been able to vote for a while now. people understand when they have been given the shaft, and yet the republicans have their fingers firmly inserted in their ears, eyes closed granting nah, nah, nah, nah, because what they really believe is they can make up for the changing demographics by changes us. instead of trying to win over the american people with good ideas and smart policy they tried to pull the wool over our eyes. they tried to hood wing us. how? let me c
or one department of a store in north america that is union represented today. then in 2005, 2006, they shifted tactics and ran basically a public relations and political campaign against walmart out of washington. that had some pressure effect on walmart. what's happening now is somewhat different in that what's happening is that they're organizing -- they're trying to disrupt walmart organizing walkouts of workers outside the stores. it is much harder to suppress that than unionization votes but the question is whether enough workers will have the courage and are angry enough to actually walk out and it is possible they will but it's hard to envision right now. because they have -- it has been pretty small. >> jennifer: we'll see what happens on friday. obviously it is getting a lot of publicity. you never know whether something like that has an impact long-term. how is it that walmart has been allowed to do this to workers for years? i don't know if even they could be subject to penalties that might force them to ch
of people feel this is inevitable and this is what america is going to look like. >> there is two ways basically to answer the question. we've come an awful long way in the 44 years since stonewall right, but really, the hard work the hard miles are still ahead of us, in spite of the fact that we have marriage equality in nine states and the district of columbia, the truth is you can still be fired based on your sexual orientation or gender identity. there is really sparse relationship recognition or the recognition of gay and lesbian families across this country. so while we definitely have amazing victories to celebrate coming out of election day this year, the truth is that we have an awful long journey ahead of us. the one point i would definitely agree with you and i think there is absolute evidence of this fact is that really marriage equality, it is a question of when and no longer if in this country. >> yeah, and that's what i feel, but, you know, i can't help but think we just had julian bond on the show, he was fighting 50 years ago for the right to vote and here they are the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3